Training has started, the team is growing!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014  |  Admin

Good morning readers!

This week we have managed to recruit 4 people to run with us, they include Tony our paint technician and Robin our logistics manager, the team is growing and so is the enthusiasm! Training officially started this week on Monday with a small warm up run of 2.2 miles and a few 'ditch jumps' over some very smelly looking water, thankfully no one has fallen in yet... For our runs we are choosing a local site near us, just across the border in Suffolk as it has a vast number of tracks and plenty of mud.

This run was followed up with a more intensive cardio workout Wednesday which saw us running drills and sprinting laps of a small field.

Last night (Thursday) we played an hours worth of squash games, which is the most full on sport I have ever played and absolutely brilliant if you enjoy that sort of thing!

So far Sam and Robin are by far the two better runners, they are showing a lot more stamina than myself and are lot more used to endurance training on bikes so have the lungs for it! And of course the brotherly rivalry between Sam and I is flowing nicely, meaning that neither of us is willing to give up before the other one does.

As promised we have decided on our chosen charity, it is a new and relatively small charity but I cannot think of a better cause to raise money and awareness for. My next blog will be all about the details of this charity and will explain how you can donate money and help us raise awareness.

I will also be introducing the team, so you can put a face to the name and see how the training is going.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

James West